TFM Events

Transformer’s Forum

Launched in 2017, the TFM Transformer’s Forum presents industry thought leaders and experts to those mandated to drive B-BBEE. The objective of holding these Forums is to clarify issues in The Codes or interpret newly gazetted expectations ethically on an interactive platform. The Forums are held as and when new gazettes are published or if in-the-field feedback reveals a specific issue needs to be addressed.

Delegate feedback has highlighted two unique features these Forums offer. Firstly, the interactive approach of the Forums, allowing delegates to challenge the experts, that ultimately provides a unique perspective as it broadens the scope of discussion. During the open floor platform, delegates learn the challenges facing other organisations across all sectors with various solutions to address them.

The second feature of the Forum is that the panel of experts represents the B-BBEE industry at large rather than individual organisations, which adds further credibility to the Forum topics.

Mail to keep abreast of Forums scheduled for 2019.

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B-BBEE Breakfast Club

The B-BBEE Breakfast Club, which will launch in the latter part of 2019, is a spin-off from the TFM Transformer’s Forum. The objective is to gather business and B-BBEE experts together in an interactive environment. The purpose is to examine how organisations navigate the challenges in the Codes, the Regulations thereof and peripheral compliance to effectively drive transformation and stimulate the economy.

The B-BBEE Breakfast Club will take place quarterly on a Friday morning for three hours. The format will include keynote speakers, followed by an open floor panel discussion.

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BEEing Compliant

Launched in 2018, BEEing Compliant was formed to effectively take B-BBEE out of the boardroom, nicely and neatly packaged so organisations can present it to their workforce in a less complicated informal setting. So complex are the Codes that most merely bury their head in the sand in the hope that others have enough knowledge to take the lead and drive the process. The BEEing Compliant concept removes the complexity of B-BBEE.

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