TFM Magazine - Issue 26 - 05 - Do you know your ABCs

Do you know your ABC’s?

Namely Anti-Bribery and Corruption
By: Stella Nolan

TFM Magazine - Issue 26 - 04 - The Employment Equity Bill - A Mixed Bag

The Employment Equity Bill

A Mixed Bag
By: Frik Boonzaaier

TFM Magazine - Issue 26 - 03 - Workplace Harassment

New Code of Good Practice

Shining a Spotlight on Workplace Harassment
By: Dr. Laurentia Truter

TFM Magazine - Issue 26 - 02 - Affidavits - The Prescribed Format


The Prescribed Format
By: Bridget Themba

TFM Magazine - Issue 26 - 01 - Construction Sector Code - Large Enterprises

Construction Sector Code – Large Enterprises

Rules of Engagement
By: Mariette van Wyk

TFM Magazine

Construction Sector Code Part II

Rules of Engagement
By: Yolanda du Plessis

TFM Magazine

Interpreting with Integrity

South African Sign Language
By: Stella Nolan

TFM Magazine


Transactions must withstand scrutiny
By: Anelda Grau



Choose your Principles Wisely
By: Levanya Reddy


Construction Sector Code Part I

Rules of Engagement
By: Yolanda du Plessis



The Crux of Development and Empowerment
By: Nicosha Naidoo

TFM Magazine

B-BBEE Certificates and Affidavits

Don’t let collections be an uphill battle
By: Bridget Themba


Statement 102

Conventional VS Unconventional
Verified By: Mariëtte van Wyk


A BBBEE Strategy

Moving Organisations from Heterogeneity to Homogeneity
By: Kebalepile Matlhako


A Bird’s Eye View

Transactional VS Transformational B-BBEE
By: Yuneal Padayachy


Heed the Warning

Skills Development Spend
By: Pearl Dippenaar


Remember the Basic Principles

Equity, Dignity and Respect
By: Nicky Bezuidenhout and Lesa Le Roux


Universal Design

The Access Rights of Persons with Disabilities
By: Dr Laurentia Truter


Unfair Labour Practice

Balance of Equity
By: Ivan Israelstam

Substance over Legal Form

The Shift from ‘Paper’ based Initiatives
By: Yuneal Padayachy

The Trump Absorption Card

Skills Development, a Priority Element
By: Lebohang Khokhone

Reasonable Accommodation

A New National Strategic Framework provides Direction
By: Dr. Laurentia Truter

Enhanced Recognition

What does it mean?
By: Linda Sewnarain

How is an area verified as rural?

The inclusion of ‘rural’ in the criteria
By: Yolanda du Plessis

A Mirror Image

Black Designated Groups & Black Designated Suppliers
By: Linda Sewnarain

Ownership – Find the Right Balance

Finding the Right Balance
By: Levanya Reddy

SANAS Accreditation

When the Stakes are High
By: Stella Nolan

The Impact of Import Exclusions

Preferential Procurement
By: Mariette van Wyk

The Matrimonial Impact on Enterprise Development Contracts

Matrimonial Impact on Enterprise Development
By: Kebalepile Matlhako

Fronting Practice Creates the Illusion of Transformation

Fronting Practice
By: Reona Strydom & Stella Nolan

How does Gazette #44591 impact the Scorecard

Gazette #44591 and the Impact on the Ownership Scorecard
By: Yuneal Padayachy

Finger Print

How to Confirm Participants, Beneficiaries & Affidavit Deponents are Black

Confirming ‘Black’ People as defined
By: Stella Nolan


Duties of a Designated Employer

Duties of a Designated Employer
By: Frik Boonzaaier


B-BBEE Verification Evidence & POPIA

B-BBEE Verification Evidence & POPIA
By: Yolanda du Plessis

The Glass Slipper

The Glass Slipper

Forum Shopping – Making the ‘glass slipper’ fit
By: Stella Nolan


Consideration after lockdown

B-BBEE considerations after lockdown
By: Madri van der Walt


A Technical Signatory

Only a TS may sign off a B-BBEE Certificate
By: Mariette van Wyk

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney

The Gamble of a Special Power of Attorney
By: Mariska Harding

Puzzle of Procurement

The Puzzle of Procurement Continues

Look beyond the spend
By: Reona Stydom and Stella Nolan

Technical Signatory

The R47-03

Intends to instil Confidence in the B-BBEE Verification Process
By: Yolanda du Plessis and Mariette van Wyk

EE Bill

Employment Equity Amendment Bill

EE Amendment Bill
By: Dr. Laurentia Truter


Remote Verification

Remote B-BBEE Verification
By: Mariette van Wyk


Enterprise to a Supplier Development Beneficiary

Beneficiaries Moving Up
By: Mariska Harding

A Knowing Person

A ‘Knowing Person’

Who is a ‘Knowing Person’?
By: Mariette van Wyk

Layers of Diversity

Diversity and Inclusion

Layers of Diversity
By: Stella Nolan

How to define a competent person

The Responsibilities of an Independent Competent Person

How is an ICP defined?
By: Nazo Sibisi

TFM Corruption Article

Global Legislation to Trump Corruption

Global Legislation to Trump Corruption.
By: Steven Powell 

Abstract mash line and point brotherly handshake origami on white background. Agreement Starry sky or space, consisting of stars and the universe . Vector business illustration of deal.


The Act and the Codes.
By: Andrew Bizzell 

Specialised scorecard

A Specialised Scorecard

Excludes Ownership.
By: Stella Nolan



Amends R47-02 Procedures.
By: Yolanda du Plessis

Skills Matrix

Skills Development Expenditure

The Learning Programme Matrix.
By: Mariska Harding 

Myths on Disability

Myths & Stereotypes

Rationalise Discrimination.
By: Stella Nolan

double exposure image of virtual human 3dillustration on business and learning technology  background  represent learning process.

The Skills Development

Scorecard Evolves.
By: Arlene Wilson-Max 

Affidavit 2


By: Stella Nolan

Defense sector

Defence Sector

The Defence Sector Code.
By: Mariska Harding 

disability paygap

Disability Paygap

Disability Paygap
By: Dr. Laurentia Truter 

Flow through


Principle vs Multiple ‘Flow-Through’ Principle.
By: Murray Chabant 



The Construction Sector Code – Mentorship Programme.
By: Hilton Johnson

disability disclosure

Disability Disclosure

Disability Disclosure.
By: Lesa Bradshaw 

Half of the brain and fingerprint view from above.

Verification Agency

What to expect from your Verification Agency.
By: John Rankin 

YES Article

YES for Youth

Sector Codes.
By: Tulani Hlabangana

Employment Equity

Employment Equity

A Statutory Plan for Equality.
By: Mariska Harding

Cross Procurement

Cross Sector Procurement

BEE Bucks a Currency Built of Recognition.
By: Brad Green

JSE Ripple

JSE B-BBEE Reporting Transformation Ripple Effect

Transforming Interest.
By: Saul Symanowitz


YES for Youth

Transforming Interest.
By: Melanie Ferreira


B-BBEE Credentials Consistency is Key

Transforming Interest.
By:Stella Nolan


Amended AgriBee Sector Code

Sector Codes.
By: Melcus Nel

Joint Ventures Article

Joint Ventures

The Right Balance Determines Success.
By: Hilton Johnson

Bridging the Gap Article

Bridging the Gap

Discretionary Grants.
By: Wendy Glenda Shuttleworth

Financial Sector Code Article

Financial Sector Code

Sector Codes.
By: Jenni Lawrence


Forest Sector Code

Sector Codes.
By: Sonnika Jackson

Bulls-and-Bears Article

Bulls and Bears

The Impact on ‘Net Value’.
By: Murray Chabant



Consequences of Section 13.
By: John Rankin

The ICT Sector Codes

ICT Sector

The Amended Information and Communication Technology Sector Codes.
By: Eric Ackroyd 

The Tourism Sector Codes

Tourism Sector

The Amended Tourism Sector Codes.
By: Mariska Harding

Property Sector Codes

Property Sector

The Amended Property Sector Codes.
By: Omisinga Nqoma 

MAC Sector Codes

MAC Sector

The Marketing, Advertising and Communication Sector Codes.
By: Dianne Normans


Mind the Gender Pay Gap

By: Dr. Laurentia Truter 


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