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About TFM

TFM Magazine is the first specialist business-to-business publication focussing on the 2013 Revised Codes of Good Practice, with the core aim of promoting the holistic benefits of a Transforming South Africa. Content gives insightful comment with in-depth and relevant analysis of developments relating to trends in compliance, through breaking down the ever changing and complex elements of the Revised Codes of Good Practice, set to be implemented on 1 May 2015. Credible Socio-Economic Development, Enterprise Development and Skills Development initiatives are identified and highlighted, based on their good governance and sustainability.

TFM Magazine promotes diversity, with an emphasis on integrating people with disabilities within the workplace. South African Transformers; give their frank account on what constitutes a successful Transformation strategy, the obstacles hindering progress and which elements they believe will make the most profound difference to a Transforming South Africa.

In an effort to instil trust and credibility, TFM Magazine has instituted a strict policy, which prohibits any organisation from participating in the publication - in any form - without a verified B-BBEE scorecard level 6 or below. We welcome anyone or organisation falling within this criteria.

Following its launch in October 2013, TFM Magazine has sparked interest across various business sectors. This has led to significant interaction with companies meaningfully rolling out sustainable Transformation strategies. Such interactions have confirmed the dire need for business-to-business communication relating to issues of Transformation, hence, substantiating the validity of TFM Magazine.


Issue three of TFM Magazine, boasts a targeted distribution of 3,000 print copies and 10,000 electronic versions. The maiden issue, during its six week launch period, received in excess of 22,500 Internet hits. Issue two saw a leap in distribution as subscriptions opened, with phenomenal success, in addition to featuring within in seven domestic, and two international Bidvest Premier Lounges.

Our distribution targets all sectors specifically aimed at Transformation, Human Resources, Procurement, Training and Marketing Departments of Generic Enterprises and Qualifying Small Enterprises, in addition to Exempt Micro Enterprises.

Transformation “It is more than simply black and white”.

A new era of Transformation

May 2015 will see the implementation of the long awaited Revised Codes of Good Practice which places significant emphasis on skills and employee development. Development of new enterprises and incubation of emerging business is encouraged through the Enterprise and Supplier Development element. Fronting Practices have been recognised and subsequently categorised as a criminal offence, with tangible consequences.

As the Revised Codes of Good Practice are implemented and a new era of B-BBEE emerges, it is the responsibility of all doing business in South Africa to encourage meaningful Transformation; whereby compliance will move from being a prerequisite mandate to forming part of every company’s culture.

Our Strategic Partnership

EmpowerLogic has taken on the role as TFM Magazine’s strategic partner. Established more than a decade ago, their reputation as an ethical, impartial and service driven organisation precedes them. As one of the first 11 verification agencies to gain accreditation from the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS) and Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) in February 2009, their standing as an industry leader has been long-established. Their vital role within TFM Magazine is an active one, in the capacity of industry expert; verifying that all content is credible, legally accurate and binding.